Senior Management of Subsidiaries

Senior Management of Subsidiaries


Andri Įss Grétarsson SVP OF FINANCE AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, ICELANDAIR Andri was appointed to his current position in April 2006. He joined Flugleišir in 1998, working first in the Management and Financial Information department and then in the Strategic and Finance division at Flugleišir. He holds a Cand.Oceon degree from the University of Iceland, and has worked in accounting since 1993. AndriAss
Gušmundur Pįlson SVP OF FLIGHT OPERATIONS , ICELANDAIR Gušmundur was appointed to his current position in 1996. He joined Flugleišir in 1974, and served initially in the Budget and Long Range Planning Department. In 1980 he became Director of Cash Management and Insurance, serving in that position until 1986 when he was appointed SVP Operations, in which capacity he worked until 1988, when he was appointed SVP Technical. Gušmundur has a degree in business from the University of Iceland. Gušmundur
Gunnar Mįr Sigurfinnsson SVP OF SALES AND MARKETING, ICELANDAIR Gunnar Mįr was appointed to his current position in March 2005. He started at Icelandair Domestic in Vestmannaeyjar, in 1986 and in 1994 he became Sales and Marketing Manager for Air Iceland. In 1997 he became Sales Manager for Icelandair in Germany, based in Frankfurt. Gunnar Mįr became Director of Sales Planning and Control in 2000 and in 2001 he became General Manager of the Germany, Netherlands & Central Europe region. Gunnar Mįr has a degree in business from the University of Iceland. Gunnar Mįr
Hjörtur Žorgilsson VP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, ICELANDAIR Hjörtur was appointed to his current position in January 2006. He joined Flugleišir in 1985, started in the Technical Department‘s cost control unit, became Manager in the Planning Department 1988 and Director in 1994, and then Director of the Information Development in 1997. Hjörtur received his Cand.Oceon from the University of Iceland in 1985. Hjortur
Una Eyžórsdóttir VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES , ICELANDAIR Una was appointed to her current position in 2001. She joined Flugleišir in 1975, first in Human Resources, from 1983 to 1987 in Information Technology department, first as a supervisor and later a divisional manager, and then in Information Department 1987-1996 as a Divisional Manager. She was appointed Manager of Employee Development in 1996 and Personnel Manager in 2001. Una studied English and Psychology at the University of Iceland and earned an MBA degree from the same university in 2002. Una
Pétur J. Eirķksson MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ICELANDAIR CARGO Pétur was appointed to his present position in January 2000. He joined Flugleišir in June 1981 and has held several positions within Icelandair, including Director for Scandinavia and Finland, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Senior Vice President of Business Development before taking over his present position when Icelandair Cargo was founded. Pétur holds a B.Sc degree in economics from the University of Edinburgh and a master’s degree from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. PeturJ
Gunnar S. Olsen MANAGING DIRECTOR OF IGS Gunnar was appointed Managing Director when an independent company was formed to handle Icelandair‘s ground services in Keflavķk in 2001. He has held various managerial positions within Icelandair Group hf. in Iceland and abroad. Jens Bjarnason Managing Director of ITS Jens was appointed to his current position on 20 September 2005. He joined Flugleišir in September 1996 as Director of Flight Operations after working for the Icelandic CAA as Director of Flight Safety. He is an aeronautical engineer and received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in the US A in 1992 Gunnar
Gušni Hreinsson MANAGING DIRECTOR OF LOFTLEIŠIR-ICELANDIC Gušni Hreinsson took over as Managing Director of Loftleišir-Icelandic in 2006. Gušni joined Flugleišir in 1997 as a marketing representative in Sales Control and from 2000-2003 he worked at The Icelandic Web Agency. Since 2003 Gušni has been Director Marketing at Loftleišir-Icelandic. Gušni holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanistic Informatics & Communication from Aalborg University, Denmark. Gudni

Žórarinn Kjartansson MANAGING DIRECTOR OF BLUEBIRD CARGO Žórarinn has been the Managing Director of Bluebird Cargo since its incorporation in early 2001. He has been involved in the airline business for over two decades working for Loftleišir and Cargolux in operations, scheduling and marketing and finally as Managing Director for North America and South America. He was one of the founders of Flugflutningar ehf. (Air Cargo), Bluebird Cargo and Vallarvinir ehf. (Airport Associates, an independent ground handling service company). He received his B.Sc. in economics from the University of Gothenburg in 1978.

Kįri Kįrason MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ICELEASE AND IG INVEST Kįri was appointed to his current position on 1 June 2006. He joined Flugleišir in 1994, and worked in finances until 1999. From 1999 to 2005 Kįri the Managing Director for Icelandair hotels. He received his Cand.Oecon from the University of Iceland. Kįri
Įrni Gunnarsson MANAGING DIRECTOR OF AIR ICELAND Įrni was appointed to his current position in March 2005. He previously worked as Director of Sales and Marketing at Air Iceland, Managing Director at Feršaskrifstofa Ķslands / ITB, Managing Director of Iceland Travel and as Director of Icelandair Holidays. He worked for the German Tour Operator FTI in Münich as director of Risk Management in 1993-1997. Įrni is MSc. in Economics from Augsburg University, Germany. ArniG
Magnea Žórey Hjįlmarsdóttir MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ICELANDAIR HOTELS Magnea was appointed to her current position in July 2005 but joined Icelandair Hotels in 1994. Magnea has worked in the hotel industry since 1991 and held management positions within hotels in Iceland, Switzerland and Japan. She received her MBA from the University of Surrey UK in 2003.  Magnea
Jóhann Kristjįnsson MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ICELAND TRAVEL Jóhann was appointed in January 2006 after over 10 years as a manager in the information technology business at Skyrr and Glitnir banki hf. Previously he had obtained hands-on experience within the travel industry in Denmark. He received his Cand.Oecon from the University of Iceland in 1992 and an MBA degree from Copenhagen Business School (CBS ) in 1997.  JohannK
Magnśs Kr. Ingason MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ICELANDAIR SHARED SERVICES Magnśs has been the General Manager of the Company Shared Services since its incorporation in the year end 2002. He joined Flugleišir in 1998 and was previously Director of Flugleišir’s accounting department. Magnśs received his Cand.Oceon from the University of Iceland in 1993 and became a certified public accountant in 1999.  ManusKr

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