The Board of Directors of Icelandair Group

The Board of Directors of IcelandAir Group

Finnur Ingólfsson Chairman
Finnur Ingólfsson was the CEO of VÍS - the Icelandic Insurance Company from 2002 until May
2006. In the years 2000-2002 Finnur was the Director of the Central Bank of Iceland and
in the years 1995-1999, Finnur was Iceland‘s Minister of Industry and Commerce. He was a
Member of Parliament, Reykjavík constituency, for the Progressive Party in Iceland. Finnur was
a Special Assistant to the Minister of Health and Social Security in the years 1987-1991 and
a Special Assistant to the Minister of Fisheries between 1983 and 1987. He was a teacher of
economics at the Flensborg Secondary School in Hafnarfjörđur from 1977 to 1978 and the
Managing Director of the Dyngja Knitting Co. from 1977 to 1978 and of Katla Knitting Co. from
1975 to 1976. Finnur holds a BS degree in business from the University of Iceland.

Ómar Benediktson Vice-chairman
Ómar Benediktsson was the CEO of Islandsflug from 1997 until 2004 when the company
merged with Air Atlanta Icelandic and then became the CEO of the joint company. After the
merger was complete he left the company at the end of 2005. He was the MD of Island Tours
in Germany 1986-1992. After that he was involved in several companies as an investor and
a board member. Ómar was one of the founders of Icelandair Group Holding hf. on its date of
establishment on 15 October 2006. Ómar has a degree in Business Administration from the
University of Iceland.

Hermann Guđmundsson
Hermann Guđmundsson was appointed CEO of Olíufélagiđ hf. and BNT hf. in 2006 after being
the CEO of Bílanaust hf., BNT hf.‘s subsidiary, from the year 2002. In the years 1994-2002,
Hermann worked as a sales representative and later the CEO of Slípivörur og Verkfćri ehf.
Hermann studied Development and Leadership at the IESE business school in Barcelona in
2005, and AMP studies from the Business School in Barcelona in the years 2004-2005. In the
years 1978-1984, Hermann studied at Iceland‘s Hotel and Catering Academy.

Jóhann Magnússon
Jóhann Magnússon was Managing Director of FBA Corporate Advisory Ltd. and subsequently
ISB (Íslandsbanki now Glitnir banki hf.) Corporate Advisory from 1999 until 2002. Previously,
Jóhann was Managing Director of Ker ehf., which was then a subsidiary of Olíufélagiđ hf.
A management consultant at Stuđull ehf. for 14 years, Jóhann was one of its two founders and
owners. Prior to that, he was a management consultant at Hagvangur hf. for 1 year and Marketing
Manager at Vífilfell hf. (Coca Cola - Iceland) for 4 years. Currently Jóhann is the CEO of
Carta Capital. He holds a Cand.Oecon. degree from the University of Iceland.

Martha Eiríksdóttir
Martha Eiríksdóttir is currently Head of Marketing and Business Relations for Landsnet which
is the electricity transmission service operator in Iceland. Prior to that, Martha was Executive
Director of Marketing of Consumer Products at Íslandssími. Between 1994-2000 Martha
Eiríksdóttir worked as Manager Commercial Programmes for Europay International, European
headquarters of MasterCard, Maestro and Eurocheque. Before joining Europay Int. she worked
for five years as Head of Marketing at Eurocard Iceland. Martha has also worked as a consultant
on several projects in the credit card industry. Martha holds a degree in Economics and
Business Administration from the University of Iceland. She also holds a B.Ed. degree from the
University College of Education in Iceland.

Einar Sveinsson
Einar Sveinsson graduated from Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík in 1968. Einar is the former CEO of
the Sjóvá-Almennar insurance company. He was employed at Sjóvátryggingarfélag Íslands hf.
from 1972 to 2004 (Sjóvá-Almennar tryggingar hf. from 1989), as Chief Executive Officer from
1984 to 2004. Einar is the chairman of the board of Glitnir banki hf. He was Chairman of the
Iceland Chamber of Commerce from 1992 to 1996. Among other things, he has been Chairman
of the Board of the life insurance company Sameinađa líftryggingafélagiđ hf., fisheries
company Haraldur Böđvarsson hf., Frumherji hf., NAIG (Nordic aviation insurance group), and
the Association of Icelandic Insurance Companies. He has also served on the Board of Directors
of the fisheries companies Grandi hf. and Útgerđarfélag Akureyringa hf., and the financing
company Lýsing hf.

Helgi S. Guđmundsson
Helgi Sigurđur Guđmundsson was appointed Director of Operations at the Primary Health Care
of the Capital Area in the year 1999. In the years 1989-1998 he was the director of sales at
Iceland Insurance Company Ltd. and a sales manager at Samvinn Mutual Insurance in the years
1982-1989. Helgi holds a degree from the Icelandic Management Academy, where he took a
program in marketing and insurance management.

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