Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology

Information technology plays a major role in the global business of Icelandair Group. During the last few years, efforts have been made in transforming the IT-architecture in the Group to strengthen the business and make the companies better prepared for growing competition. Now the focus is increasingly on e-business where security, flexibility and standards compliance is crucial for the companies, to be able to dynamically use the technology to simplify and streamline their businesses.

The core of the IT strategy is to have the best IT solutions for each purpose, and to cater for synergies and build additional business values with solid and effective use of integration tools and methods. Icelandair Group has been in the forefront of Icelandic companies practicing outsourcing strategy, and building up effective partner relationships. By this strategy the focus is to have the companies within the group as effective users of the information technology but to look for the best partners to develop, operate and service the IT systems. Responsibility for getting the most business value out of information technology lies with the management of each company in the group, while responsibility for corporate IT contracts, overall efficiency, information security and best practices is in the hands of the VP for information technology of Icelandair.

The travel and tourist industry is increasingly dependent on the internet, where automation and self service are the key words. Icelandair Group has proven to be a leader among Icelandic companies when it comes to using the web in its business, and two of the biggest e-commerce webs in Iceland are the webs of Icelandair and Air Iceland. The companies also provide additional services to their customers through the internet, and by offering other related services, such as check in through self service kiosks. Icelandair went through a major redesign of it’s web environment in 2006. The new web was launched in the autumn, and has already received several highly rated web awards both in Iceland and abroad. This is a great motivation for the companies in the group to use this technology to do even better in 2007.

The increased competition also encourages the companies in the group to re-evaluate their core business applications, and to look for ways to strengthen their operation and core processes. One of the biggest projects in 2006 was the successful migration of Icelandair´s inventory system to Amadeus Altea from the SAS Resaid system, and the implementation of a new revenue management system. The new systems are hosted and serviced by Amadeus. This project was followed by an implementation of a new revenue accounting system in cooperation with Fjarvakur, and the new system will be hosted and serviced in Estonia.

In 2007 the companies will still focus on strengthen their business with IT. The main focus will be on building a more dynamic workplace environment for the employees, that will lead to more effective use of information and improve the performance of each and every person.

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