International Scheduled Airline Operations


International Scheduled Airline Operations

Scheduled Airline Operations is an Icelandair Group Business Platform comprising four companies: Icelandair, the international full-service airline with a hub in Iceland; Icelandair Cargo, a full-service air-freight company; Icelandair Ground Services, which handles airlines and passenger services at Keflavik Airport, and Icelandair Technical Services, which provides maintenance for Icelandair and other airlines. These companies work closely together and have long historical ties. In 2006 they accounted for roughly 65% of the Group‘s income. Their main joint task is to run a profitable airline network operation and take advantage of any potential opportunities for growth. This involves aggressive sales and marketing activities on the part of all companies, as well as tight revenue management and cost control throughout the operation.

The total turnover in Scheduled Airlines Operations was ISK 42 billion, and EBITDA was ISK 3.5 billion, an improvement of ISK 456 million from 2005.

Characterising the year was an increase in revenue through increased numbers of passengers, higher unit prices, expansion in the cargo fleet and more cargo activities.

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